Other Products

The Service Ready Kit contains all the components necessary, packaged in a sturdy, convenient kit, to install a tracer wire system from a utility mainline (with or without tracer wire) to the edge of the right-of-way and to the building.

Service Ready Kit

SMARTSHORE™ is an inflatable trench shield developed by PRONAL. It reinforces the walls of trenches and ensures the safety of operators. It’s the perfect solution to secure excavations for quick maintenance operations on utilities as well as for first responders for trench rescue operations.


The FlagShooter® is a mechanical tool combines the tasks of flagging and painting into one handheld device. The FlagShooter allows an operator to spray paint at the squeeze of the trigger and to install a flag with compression of the handle once the FlagShooter bottom is in contact with the ground.


The G450 4 Sensor Multi-Gas Detector detects four gasses: LEL, O2, CO, H2S. It’s compact, durable, very easy to use. It provides exceptional performance for an affordable price and has a very low cost-of-ownership compared to other detectors.

G450 4 Sensor Multi-Gas Detector

SENSIT® P400 is a state-of-the-art personal gas monitor used to alert users of hazardous gases in their work area. SENSIT® P400 raises the bar in durability

SENSIT® P400 Personal Gas Monitor

Utility Logic's Universal Valve Cover Lifter is designed to work with dual pick point valve covers with single-handed operation

Universal Valve Cover Lifter

Utility Logic's EZ T-Probe is a mechanically assisted T-probe that can be used to find buried valve covers and also as a ground rod for locating.

EZ T-Probe