EMS Markers & Discs

Applications for Marker Balls, Trackers and Discs


Buried drops  |  Load coils  |  Splices  |  Capacitors  |  Conduit stubs  |  Road crossings


Service drops  |  Buried junctions  |  Buried transformers  |  Conduit Stubs  |  Repair points  |  Snow covered Installations


House connections  |  Clean outs  |  Laterals  |  Road crossings  |  Repair points  |  Fittings


Buried valves or valve boxes  |  Service stubs  |  Cathodic Protection equipment  |  Snow covered installations  |  Anode test connections  |  Insulation points or gas mains  |  Road crossings  |  PVC Pipeline


Buried valves  |  Tees  |  Repair points  |  Main Stubs  |  Nonmetallic Line  |  Snow covered installations

Omni Marker from Greenlee® provides a new and better way to electronically mark and locate underground facilities.

EMS Marker Balls

The Marker disc provides a new and economical way to electronically mark buried facilities for later relocation.

EMS Marker Discs